Nutraceutical Researcher Rob Martin, and Co-host Kelly Cappasola, Discuss Telomeres With a Highlight on Telovite.

Do you know…There’s one common factor linked to virtually all the health and beauty issues of aging? It’s all about your telomeres. These little caps on the ends of your chromosomes act as your cellular timekeepers indicating the rate at which you age. Telomeres are similar to the plastic tips on your shoelaces. What happens when those tips crack and break down? Your shoelaces become frayed and unusable.

The same thing happens when your telomeres grow shorter but this time it’s your life supporting cells that breakdown and become toxic senescent cells.

TeloVite, is the first cellular longevity multivitamin with ingredients supported by 312 scientific studies including 14 ingredients and combination of ingredients that lengthen your telomeres.

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