LB100 Research Report: Pterostilbene

Rob Martin and co-host Kelly Cappasola cover emerging research, including why does time move faster as we age. Plus, Rob delivers his weekly nutraceutical supplement report about a powerful antioxidant derived from blueberries that may be more powerful than resveratrol…its called…Pterostilbene!

This Saturday 2/16/19 – Our Featured Guest Is Renowned Urologist & Prostate Surgeon Stephen Scionti M.D.

Dr. Scionti, a board certified urologist, is globally recognized for his advanced prostate cancer diagnostic methods using MRI and Artemis MRI fusion targeted biopsy. He has pioneered advances in HIFU treatment that have resulted in better cancer control with fewer side effects. Dr. Scionti is the Founder and Director of the Scionti Prostate Center in […]