The Cell Protect System

  The Cell Protect System is scientifically formulated to lengthen your chromosome protecting Telomeres and to remove dangerous Senescent Cells…these toxic “Zombie Cells” are created primarily by dying telomeres.

What is TeloVite?

Telomeres are protective DNA caps on the ends of your chromosomes. They’re similar to the plastic tips on your shoelaces. When telomeres break down and disappear your quality of life might disappear, the visible signs of aging increase, and you open yourself to serious health issues.

Introducing Zombie Cell Detox!

When your telomeres degrade and lose their health promoting power…they don’t entirely disappear. They devolve into dangerous zombie cells…sending out toxic chemicals creating havoc throughout your body. There has emerged a well researched flavonoid, Fisetin, with a unique and powerful ability to remove poisonous senescent zombie cells…before they poison you! Watch this brief video for […]

The Ultimate Disease…Aging!

For the Last 2,000 years aging has been considered a natural process…not a disease. The reasoning is, everyone gets aging and if everybody gets it..well then its natural. This is the accepted view of orthodox medicine…but here at Living Beyond 100 we think differently! Watch my video and learn more.

TeloVite Human Study Published in a Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal *

This is the first time a multi-nutrient supplement has demonstrated age reversal effects at a chromosomal, DNA, telomere level…in humans! Watch this short, but important, video and please share it with friends and relatives. * Click To See Our TeloVite Published Study, Nancy’s Story and more >>

Nancy telomeres are 26 years younger with TeloVite! [Documented]

Nancy’s telomere length was tested before starting on TeloVite…and then tested again after 90 days taking TeloVite. Watch the video to hear her remarkable experience!

You Must Measure Your Insulin Resistance!

  HOMA-IR is a calculation of your fasting Glucose and your fasting Insulin levels…it reveals your Insulin Resistance score… Although this measurement is crucially for you…doctors rarely employ it. Insulin Resistance can be a KILLER…therefore…I implore you to watch this brief video…it could save your life! When your fasting glucose score is expressed in mg/dl: […]