Fisetin Found in Strawberries Clears Senescent Cells in Mice

Today, we want to bring your attention to a recent mouse study on fisetin, a commonly available supplement that has proven effective at destroying senescent cells. What are senescent cells? As we age, increasing amounts of our cells enter into a state known as senescence. Normally, these cells destroy themselves by a self-destruct process known […]

Do we need to work out?

By Graham Simpson M.D. I’m sure many of you will have read the title of this article and thought, “What sort of question is that coming from a doctor? Of course we need to work out.” And you’re right to think that. There are some very obvious reasons for committing to a regular physical fitness […]

The dangers of feeding our children a bad diet

By Graham Simpson M.D. I was prompted to address this topic after coming across an article last month about the diet of American football star and four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. I wasn’t surprised that he and his wife (world famous model Gisele Bündchen) follow a strict Paleo-type diet. They are […]

The low-fat food deception

By Graham Simpson M.D. Let me start by making clear that my choice of words in the title of this article was very deliberate: deception. We’re not talking about differing opinions here. There can be no medical science that supports the argument for stripping healthy fats out of food (and demonizing those fats in the process), […]

The difference between a cold and a flu

By Graham Simpson M.D. Surprisingly – or should it be unsurprisingly – this is a question I am asked a lot. And in fact it’s an important question, because there are, after all, billions of cases of the common cold around the world each year. In the USA alone, adults average around two to three colds […]

Sleep well, be well

By Graham Simpson M.D. Just like every other animal on the planet, we humans require sleep – along with food, water and oxygen – to survive. And believe me, sleep is just as important as the other elements on that list. We spend on average one-third of our lives asleep, and the quality of that […]

Dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome

By Graham Simpson M.D. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the subject of much debate between healthcare professionals the world over. The complexity of the condition makes it difficult to pinpoint an exact cause, and as the illness is often categorised by different criteria, even diagnosis can prove problematic. Because of this, estimates for the number of sufferers […]

How the wrong foods age us

Food – once eaten solely as a means of survival – is now deeply ingrained in every aspect of our lives. We eat food for pleasure, for comfort, for reward; in order to socialise; to help us unwind and relax; and so often simply because we are bored. Now there is no problem with eating […]